Paul Westerberg, what becomes of those underrated rock legends?

Paul Westerberg First Act Guitar sold at Wall Mart

Paul Westerberg First Act Guitar sold at Wall Mart

The Replacements had/have their cult following and Paul still has his loyal fans. With all the critical acclaim and stories of those legendary live shows Westerberg still never managed to attain the mainstream success and record sales of even those who were influenced by him to the point of being accused of blatantly ripping him off. There are many bands but the Goo Goo Dolls probably had the biggest success of any Westerberg Clones out there. John Rzeznek of the Goo Goo Dolls will be the first to tell you of Paul’s influence on him. And I do give John props for his workmanlike approach to songwriting and years of slugging it out on the road before attaining super stardom.

The Goo Goo’s can rock hard, and John has written some good tunes, but he just doesn’t have the depth and true emotional intensity Paul has. Could it be Johnny is better looking, or maybe it’s his two earrings or when he got the VH1 rock star makeover complete with his sexy new hair style. Paul would have none of that. He’ll just have to suffer with his cult status, critical acclaim (although much of his solo work is highly underrated) and his permanent status in the legends of rock who never had mainstream sucess hall of fame.

However through some of these articles like the very informative and comprehensive article by Ira Robbins “Paul Westerberg Comes In From the Ledge” you can see that Paul has come to terms with his past and was moving on and turning out some really high quality solo albums. Well that article was from 1993 so what has Paul been doing since?

Well, here is a link to his online only release from 2008 called 49:00. And you can find out what he is up to right now at The Latest Paul Westerberg News. And find out about the “Paul Westerburg First Act Guitar” sold at Wall Mart on the Paul Westerberg Message Board. I would never believe there could be such a thing. The reviews are actually pretty amazing for a $149 “beginners” guitar, read some of them and you can even buy one of these things, Paul Westerbergs Signiture Guitar from First Act. A Toy guitar that you can really rock out on, now that’s very Paul Westerberg!

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