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First US show for Cream and The Who that most fans don’t know about!

It’s hard to believe that it’s a little known fact that two of the biggest bands in rock history made thier American debut perfoming in a weird series of concerts at a NYC movie theatre for promoter Murry The K. This was during a transitional period in the career of popular disc jockey and radio […]

The “Jangle”……. a little bit of heaven from a guitar!

It was Roger McGuinn and George Harrison’s arpegiated style of playing guitar, a sort of picking and sometimes strumming technique on a Twelve String Rickenbacker that has gone on to influence a universe of guitar bands, just ask Peter Buck!

Influenced by folk, bluegrass, mandolin playing, banjo picking and other kinds of acoustic […]

The thunder of Johnny Ramones guitar

One of the most powerful forces known to all rockers, the thundering guitar sound emanating from the wall of over-driven speakers powered from Johnny’s stack of 100 watt Marshall heads.

Johnny developed his sound early on, brutalizing his Mosrite Ventures II and hammering those bar chords in a frenzied style that has had more […]

Paul Westerberg, what becomes of those underrated rock legends?

Paul Westerberg First Act Guitar sold at Wall Mart

The Replacements had/have their cult following and Paul still has his loyal fans. With all the critical acclaim and stories of those legendary live shows Westerberg still never managed to attain the mainstream success and record sales of even those who were influenced by him […]